Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP)


  • The concept of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan was envisaged by the Planning Commission of India at the time of formulation of Sixth Five Year Plan (1980-85) with the objective to ensure adequate benefits under SCSP for the socio-economic and educational development of Scheduled Castes both in physical and financial terms by providing funds, out of total outlays of the State Plan, at least in proportion to the percentage of SC population in the State. The Planning Commission of India emphasized that developmental needs and priorities of SCs, because of their historic deprivation, would require even larger proportion of the plan outlays than their population percentage. This plan is envisaged to help the poor Scheduled Caste families through composite income generating programmes by covering all the major occupational groups such as agricultural labourers, small and marginal farmers, share-croppers, fishermen, sweepers and scavengers, unorganised urban labourers living below the poverty line etc. The Scheduled Castes Sub Plan also seeks to improve the living conditions of the Scheduled Castes through provision of drinking water supply, link roads, house-sites, housing improvements, basic minimum services such as primary schools, health centres, veterinary centres, panchayat ghars, community halls, nutrition centres, extension of electricity and common work places/ facility centres, etc in the Scheduled Caste basties under the Minimum Needs Programme to improve their access to social, educational and other community services. Accordingly, efforts are being made by the State Govt. for the socio-economic and educational development of SCs under the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan by making new schemes and restructuring the existing schemes on the basis of their felt needs.

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