Steps taken by the State Government

    The State Govt. has taken the following steps for effective implementation of SCSP:-

  • A separate Directorate i.e. Directorate of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan has been set up under the administrative control of the Welfare Department and made the nodal department for formulation and monitoring the implementation of SCSP/SCA schemes;
  • The size of the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan is determined by the Directorate of SCSP on the basis of scheme-wise SCSP outlays determined in consultation with the concerned Administrative Departments as soon as the scheme wise outlays and size of the State Annual Plan is determined by the Planning Department. After the merger of Plan and Non-Plan Classification, the size of SCSP from the year 2017-18 is being determined out of the eligible portion of the estimates of expenditure of the State budget.
  • The Scheduled Castes Sub Plan document is being placed in the legislature along with other budget documents. State budget is presented after incorporating the SCSP outlays therein.
  • SCSP budgeted allocation is being booked under a separate minor head –789-“SCP for SCs” to avoid diversion of SCSP funds to the general sectors;
  • A separate sub-head has been opened under the Receipt Head of the State Govt. to avoid diversion of SCA funds and to maintain the accountability of these funds;
  • The ADC (Development) in each district has been declared the Nodal Officer under the overall control of Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district for formulation, implementation, monitoring/review and co-ordination of programmes and schemes falling under the district level SCSP/SCA for the respective districts. The concerned District Welfare Officer will provide necessary secretariat assistance to the ADC (D) as is being done by Deputy E.S.A. in case of district plan schemes.
  • The Concerned District Head/ District Welfare Officer will intimate the Welfare Department, the physical targets to be achieved under each SCSP scheme and also specify the area of operation and beneficiaries/families to be covered to enable the Welfare Department to have on the spot checking of the working and implementation of the schemes to see as to whether these schemes are being implemented in the right spirit and beneficiaries covered are genuine.
  • Out of total 12,168 inhabited villages in the State, 4799 villages (39.44%) with 40% or more SC population (on the basis of Census 2011) have been identified to provide infrastructure facilities to the SC inhabitations on priority basis;
  • State Level, District level and Block level Vigilance and Monitoring Committees have been constituted for review/monitoring of SCSP/SCA schemes at the grass root level ( Annexure-IV ,Annexure-VI and Annexure-VII ).
  • A Monitoring Cell has been established in the Directorate of SCSP to evaluate the SCSP/SCA schemes on regular basis. This Monitoring Cell has done evaluation of SCA schemes on yearly basis implemented during the five years period from 2008-09 to 2013-14 and the yearly reports in this regard have already been submitted to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, GOI.
Last Updated: 01.10.2018