Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) Formulation Process

Formulation Process

    As per the detailed guidelines issued by the Planning Commission of India (Annexure-GI, Annexure-GII & Annexure-GIII) under the heading GoI guidelines) regarding the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan, the objective of SCSP is to channelise the flow of outlays and benefits from the general sectors of the State Plan for the development of Scheduled Castes at least in proportion to their population both in physical and financial terms. Further, SCSP should be an integral part of the State Annual Plan as well as Five Year Plan by making non-divertible provisions, therein, with the clear objective of bridging the gap in socio-economic and educational development of the Scheduled Castes. To fulfill these objectives, Govt. of India has recommended the Action Plan as under:

  • Earmarking of funds for Scheduled Castes Sub Plan from the total State Plan Outlay at least in proportion to SC population to the total population of the State/UT.a
  • Making the Social Welfare Department/the Department concerned with the welfare and development of SCs as the nodal department for formulation and implementation of SCSP.
  • Placing the funds earmarked for SCSP at the disposal of the nodal department concerned which in turn will reallocate these funds to the sectoral departments for implementing the schemes directly relevant to SC development.
  • Placing the funds earmarked for SCSP under a separate budget head/sub-head for each development department implementing SCSP. In this connection, it may be noted that the List of Major and Minor Heads of Accounts of States provides that for Scheduled Castes Sub Plan, 789 may be opened as a Minor Head below the functional Major Head/Sub Major Head, wherever necessary.
  • Secretary Welfare will work as nodal officer with planning powers to reallocate the earmarked SCSP funds to various line departments and implementing agencies.
  • Scheduled Castes Sub Plan funds should be non-divertible and non-lapsable.
  • Special Central Assistance (SCA) for the SCSP is provided by the Ministry of Social Justice andEmpowerment, Govt. of India to the States as a 100% grant to fill up the critical gaps and missing inputs for family-oriented income-generating schemes and supporting infrastructure development with a special focus on BPL SC families. Guidelines issued in this connection should be strictly followed.