Objective of SCA

    The main objective of the Special Central Assistance is that it would be used to give a boost to the development programmes for Scheduled Castes living below the poverty line with reference to their occupational pattern and the need for increasing the productivity and income from their limited sources. It would help to bring occupational diversification in the labour surplus economy. Further, the Special Central Assistance is used to fill up the critical gaps under the various Central and State development programmes/schemes. This flexibility is an essential part of the Special Central Assistance. It is realised that the programmes for which the SCA could be used would vary from State to State, region to region and within the same State depending upon the local occupational patterns and the economic activities available. Within these parameters, the schemes could be taken up for the agricultural labourers and cultivators, those engaged in 'Unclean' occupational activities for creation/strengthening the Institutions/Organisations etc., for example:

  • Animal Husbandry including dairying linked to the markets provided by the operation flood
    and local markets;
  • Similar schemes for poultry, piggery, goat-rearing and sheep breeding etc;
  • Sericulture;
  • Comprehensive development of the land holdings of the Scheduled Castes on a substantial scale;
  • Improvement in the skills of the Scheduled Castes in cottage and village industries;
  • The preparation of special comprehensive projects where there are large number of Scheduled
    Castes artisans;
  • The rehabilitation of those engaged in cleaning of dry latrines in alternative occupation etc;
  • Provision of raw material, backward/forward linkages, training in appropriate technology
    to create/upgrade skills, common facilities, market linkages/assistance subsidies etc.