Criteria for Allocation of SCA to the States

    The criteria for allocation of Special Central Assistance to the States by Government of India
    is as under:

  • On the basis of SC population of the State 40%
  • On the basis of Relative backwardness of the State(Inverse of State's per capita domestic
    product) 10%
  • On the basis of the percentage of SC families in the State covered by the composite economic
    development programmes in the Plan to enable them to cross the poverty line 25%.
  • On the basis of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan to the Annual Plan as compared to the SC population
    percentage in the State 25%

    Thus, 40% of SCA is distributed on the basis of SC population, 10% on the basis of relative backwardness and 50% on the basis of effort-based criteria. Out of the total SCA released to the States, 10% can be utilized for infrastructure development programmes in the villages having 50% or more SC population, 15% on viable income generating economic development schemes for SC women, 5% on schemes exclusively meant for the economic development of disabled persons among the Scheduled Castes, 10% on the skill development training schemes/programmes and 3% for supervision, monitoring and evaluation of economic development schemes implemented with the support of SCA funds.

    The detailed guidelines issued by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment from time to time regarding utilisation of Special Central Assistance are at Annexure-GIV under the heading GoI guidelines.