About Directorate of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan


    1. Consequent upon the decision taken by the Cabinet Sub Committee on 8.3.1994, the work relating to Formulation/Monitoring and Review of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan alongwith Special Central Assistance Programme was transferred from Planning Department to the Welfare Department. A separate Directorate was set up under the Welfare Department during 1994-95 to look after the work of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan and Special Central Assistance Programme.

    2. Directorate of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan was set up with the objective to formulate, monitor, review and evaluate the schemes under the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan /Special Central Assistance(SCA) programme and to issue guidelines, from time to time, to the implementing departments so that SCSP/SCA funds may be utilised for the welfare of Scheduled Caste people to ensure that they may not be deprived of the benefits prescribed in the State Plans. Scheduled Castes Sub Plan is that part of the State Plan which is utilised on the overall Socio-Economic Development of SCs in the State.

    Some of the major functions of the Directorate are as under:
    • Formulation of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) for Scheduled Castes
    • Formulation of Special Central Assistance(SCA) Programme to SCSP
    • Clearance of State level SCSP/SCA Schemes
    • Quarterly review of Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) and Special Central Assistance(SCA) Programmes
    • District wise distribution and Release of Funds under District Level Schemes
    • Finalization of Excesses and Surrenders
    • Monitoring of SCSP/SCA Schemes through Surveys / spot checks of the beneficiaries.